Hannah Sommer, MA

Hannah Sommer is a PhD candidate at the Department of Sociology at the University of Vienna. Her doctoral research is carried out within the SoliDi (Solidarity in Diversity) project. She obtained her B.A. in philosophy and her B.Sc. in psychology at LMU Munich and her MA in philosophy at University College London. In her MA dissertation titled ‘Refuge, Power and Social Identity’ she looked at how power dynamics and related discourses shape social realities of people labelled as ‚refugees’ and/or ‚migrants’ and what kind of (structural) inequalities result from these power differentials. After the completion of her master’s degree, Hannah worked for the Munich Refugee Council (2019-2021). She first worked in a project locally implementing the UN’s global refugee resettlement programme and then in another project in cooperation with Amnesty International where she provided legal consultation to asylum seekers.