Municipal Experiments in Guaranteed Income: Reimagining Wage Work, Welfare, and Citizenship in American Society


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We are rescheduling James Holston's Guest Talk at the platform for next semester, after the summer break.

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James Holston is Professor of Anthropology at the University of California, Berkeley, USA.

Holston is a political anthropologist with numerous influential contributions in the field of urban studies, among others Insurgent Citizenship: Disjunctions of Democracy and Modernity in Brazil. He focusses on the city as a strategic site for the emergence and erosion of citizenship and currently investigates new forms of direct democracy.

In this presentation he will elaborate on municipal initiatives that develop direct democracy through considerations of urban citizenship.

After the presentation we look forward to a dynamic Q&A.

Past Events

Digital technologies for nudging and rewarding: the WOM platform and its pilots in Italy

21.06.2023 10:30-12:00am CEST

Alessandro Bogliolo is full professor of Computer Systems at the University of Urbino, Italy. His research interests include mobile crowdsensing, sensor networks, and digital platforms for sustainability and participatory social innovation.


Citizen engagement and empowerment start from individuals' awareness of the social impact of their actions and decisions. Individuals can make a difference and many common goals, including sustainability, can only be achieved through behavioural changes, possibly supported by nudging and rewarding strategies. This seminar presents an anonymous digital rewarding platform, called WOM (Worth One Minute), and its pilot applications in Italy. WOM is a general-purpose voucher system that recognizes the positive impact of actions and activities done by individuals that are capable of triggering positive externalities and contributing to the common good. WOMs are anonymous vouchers without any monetary value; they are just proof of a socially-valuable effort that an individual contributed towards a shared cause. Nevertheless, monetization opportunities can be provided by third party merchants (e.g., shops, service providers, public entities) willing to reward WOM owners by offering discounts on goods or services. The WOM platform has been conceived within a CAPS EU Project and further developed by the University of Urbino. It is now maintained by DIGIT srl, a benefit corporation based in Urbino, where the WOM platform has been widely adopted in 2022.

Seminarraum H10, Rathausstraße 19, 1010 Vienna (Stiege 2, Hochparterre)

Dis/Articulating Urban Futures: Promises, Affect and Un/Wanted Bodies on Zurich’s Land Reserves

22.03.2023 17:00 - 18:30 (local time)

Sabrina Stallone is a doctoral researcher at the Institute of Social Anthropology of the University of Bern, Switzerland.
In her presentation, Stallone reflects on how urban futures and affective imaginaries of urban promises and threats are articulated in everyday lives in the city.

Discussant: Alexa Färber

After the presentation we look forward to a dynamic Q&A.

PC-Seminarraum 1, Kolingasse 14-16, OG01 (1090 Vienna)