Support Team

Paul Robert Schreiber, M.A.

Paul R. Schreibers research focuses on migration policies within urban contexts building on research that targets the interconnectedness of recognition and social integration (Anhut/Heitmeyer 2000/2005, Foroutan 2019). By investigating the critical moments of integration (theory), focusing on the linguistic, political, and philosophical background (specifically in the city of Berlin, Germany), centering on the role public, private, and civic actors play and how they are connected.


Sebastian Harnacker, B.A.

Sebastian Harnacker is currently writing his master thesis in Comparative Literature at the University of Vienna, after finishing his BA in Slavonic Studies. He worked as a Tutor for Russian Language and Literary Research at the Department of Comparative Literature and was a member of the Research Group Knowledge Engineering at the Faculty of Computer Science at the University of Vienna. He is also a trained mechanical and environmental engineer and prior to his academic interests he worked as a land surveyor for the Austrian National Forests and as an mechanical engineer at the OMV oil refinery.