Administrative Support Team

Mag. Marie-Thérèse Hartwig, BTh

Marie-Thérèse Hartwig has been working in university administration for the past six years. Before that she was an event manager and an executive assistant. She has studied English language and literature at the University of Vienna as well as protestant theology at the University of Vienna and the University of Glasgow.




Paul Robert Schreiber, B.A.

Paul R. Schreiber is currently studying the master's programme in Sociology at the University of Vienna after finishing his Bachelor's degree in Sociology and Philosophy at the University of Tübingen. He previously worked in two research projects at the University of Tübingen: In the Collaborative Research Centre 923 "Bedrohte Ordnungen", sub-project E06 led by Prof. Dr. Nieswand and in the Department of Gender Sociology in the project "Retraditionalisierung Pränatal", led by Prof. Dr. Müller.