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Guidelines for funding applications

The Research Platform “The Challenge of Urban Futures” aims at building and strengthening interdisciplinary networks for urban research internationally. To this end it provides grants for PhDs carrying out research in urban studies coherent with the five research areas (Areas of Research) of the platform (Research Affiliates of the platform are favoured).

General Information

  • The language for all proposals is English
  • The costs must not exceed 1500€-2000€
  • The proposal should be submitted as a single PDF (.pdf)
  • The output orientation of the platform, requires the workshop to produce a sort of deliverable (Article, research proposal, etc.)
  • It is recommended to send your proposal 3-4 months before the actual event
  • It can take at least 8 weeks for the proposal to be accepted or rejected



The Proposal for Workshops should contain the following information:

  1. Workshop title
  2. List the names and institutional affiliations of the individuals who will lead the workshop
  3. Date and Duration
  4. Workshop proposal (maximum of 2 pages)
    • Present an overview of the intent of the workshop. What core issues have spurred a need for the workshop? What intellectual activities are planned to address this need? What are the goals of the workshop? How does it fit to the research areas of the Research platform?
    • What is the target audience?
    • Describe the format of the workshops. For example, will it be a panel-centered or a presenter-centered symposium (if a panel is opted for, you will need to name the panelists)? Or will it be a group session with the active involvement of the workshop audience? Or something else? Will it be digital?
    • Describe activities that will transpire during the workshop and explain why these activities represent the best approach to achieving the goals of the workshop.
    • What will be the most significant takeaways for individuals who participate in the proposed workshop?
  5. Number of participants (specify)
  6. Costs and Funding (analytical presentation of the budget)
  7. Figures and tables, references, and appendices (Provide appropriate figures, tables, and references to support your arguments)
  8. Planned deliverable (What will the output be? Publications, research proposal, or training?)

The selection of workshop proposals will be based on

  • Formal criteria: compliance with the guidelines (see above)
  • Scientific criteria: quality of the proposal and the planned deliverable (clarity, cohesion and innovativeness)
  • Workshop feasibility