Comparative Urbanism: Tactics for Global Urban Studies

Book presentation

15.03.2023 17:00 - 18:30 GMT+1

Jennifer Robinson will be presenting her book "Comparative Urbanism: Tactics for Global Urban Studies".

Comparative Urbanism fully transforms the scope and purpose of urban studies today, distilling innovative conceptual and methodological tools. The theoretical and empirical scope is astounding, enlightening, emboldening. Robinson peels away conceptual labels that have anointed some cities as paradigmatic and left others as mere copies. She recalibrates overly used theoretical perspectives, resurrects forgotten ones long in need of a dusting off, and brings to the fore those often marginalised. Robinson’s approach radically re-distributes who speaks for the urban, and which urban conditions shape our theoretical understandings. With Comparative Urbanism in our hands, we can start the practice of urban studies anywhere and be relevant to any number of elsewheres.’

DiscussantsTauri Tuvikene (Tallinn University) and Julie Ren (University of Zurich)

After the presentation there will also be time for a Q&A.

This will be an online event using the zoom platform. Please note it will be recorded.