Vertical Cities: Micro-Segregation, Social Mix and Urban Housing Markets

Book presentation

22.11.2023 17:00 - 18:30 CET

Thomas Maloutas will be presenting the book "Vertical Cities: Micro-Segregation, Social Mix and Urban Housing Markets", which he co-edited with Nikos Karadimitriou.

Exploring the social implications of dense and compact cities, this enlightening book looks at micro-scale segregation through several lenses. These include the ways that the housing market constantly reconfigures social mix, how the structure of the housing stock shapes it, and the ways that policies are deployed to manage these effects.
Taking a deep dive into micro-segregation in the socially mixed and dense centres of compact cities, the authors investigate the form and content of social and ethno-racial hierarchies at the micro-scale of different cities around the world and the ways these have evolved over time. Vertical Cities considers the ways the materiality of such hierarchies affects the reproduction of social inequalities in today’s large cities.

Discussant: Roberta Cucca (NMBU, Oslo)

After the presentation there will also be time for a Q&A.

This will be an online event using the zoom platform. Please note it will be recorded.